DiSC® Personal Listening Profile

Personal Listening Online Profile

Discover the Impact of Different Listening Approaches

Research shows time and again, that the key to business success rests with the people in a company. 

Many of us know that people "Listen" in different ways, for a variety of purpose and motivation. The Personal Listening Profile® helps one to discover their individual, natural listening style and strength. It raises the awareness of the listening styles of others - perhaps in the workforce.  Imagine that! Workers actually listening with intent and purpose, hearing and being heard. Communication is a powerful thing.

The Personal Listening Profile identifies five listening approaches:

  • Appreciative
  • Empathic
  • Comprehensive
  • Discerning
  • Evaluative

Turn on the power of listening and real communication in your organization.  New leadership and initiative just might be waiting...are you listening?

Personal Listening Sample Report

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