Everything DiSC® Management Facilitation Kit

Everything DiSC® Management

The Everything DiSC® Management Facilitation teaches managers how to bring out the best in each employee. It’s the most in-depth easily customizable DiSC-based management training solution available.ON SALE NOW! (regular price $1,195.00)

Everything DiSC Management Facilitation Kit focuses on:

  • Managers Developing their management styles
  • Improving communication
  • Increasing employee engagement

Facilitation materials include:

  • Leader’s script
  • PowerPoint with embedded video
  • Participant handouts

User-Friendly Features: Total Portability: Facilitation, video, PowerPoint, and handouts are delivered on a USB drive. Wondering which version to order? Click here for compatibility and Kit registration information. Upgrading your computer? Call us now for information on upgrading your Everything DiSC USB drive.

DiSC VIDEO: Research-validated online assessment / management report helps managers to understand themselves, their employees, and their boss.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Remove or rearrange pages, customize the report title, or print selected sections.


  • DiSC Management Style: DiSC affects management style, examine DiSC Style priorities
  • Directing and Delegating: Management strengths when directing and delegating.
  • Motivation: DiSC style does influence how people are motivated.
  • Developing Others: (Do we do that?!)  Great Managers invest and build better employees
  • Working with Your Manager: Communicate effectively with managers by meeting their DiSC preferences.


Everything DiSC Management Facilitation materials are designed to be used with the Everything DiSC Management Profile and an EPIC Sub-Account. Don't have an Electronic Profile Information Center sub-account? Set-up is being waived for a limited time - a $150.00 value* - ask for yours today!

* Limit: 1 Free EPIC Sub-Account per customer with the purchase of 100 EPIC credits.

"Everything DiSC® is a trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. or its affiliated companies." 


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