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EPIC Account Online Special*

Selecting your customized EPIC account is just the beginning. Acquire DiSC Online, and an EPIC account - today!

Send electronic assessments to employees, group participants, etc. The completed questionnaire and result(s) is immediately available for printing in .pdf format.  The perfect tool for today's multi-tasked HR, Trainers, Business Men and Business Women.

Limit: 1 EPIC Account per customer with the purchase of 150 credits*.

Provide a .jpg of your corporate business logo, the name, and contact information of your EPIC administrator.

Within the hour, (normal business hours M-F), begin sending electronic assessments to your employees.

You will receive:

  • Unlimited Technical support, DiSC Training Solutions, Live Customer Support
  • 150 EPIC Credits

*Regular price for 150 credits + EPIC sub-account = $838.50.

SPECIAL: EPIC account creation and set-up fee waived ($193.50 value).