Title:  Engagement is Not Enought
By:  Keith Ayers

Engagement Is Not Enough!

Author:  Keith Ayers

"After working with hundreds of companies", said Keith Ayers, "I realized,  You can't manage people, you can only manage the work environment!'"  You can significantly improve your return on investment, on one of your largest budget items - your payroll.

To do that, you need leaders at all levels to create a work environment where every employee wants to and can excel. Imagine your organization achieving what you know it is capable of, and every employee going to extreme lengths every day, to fulfill their responsibilities."


  • To turn your employees into a high performance workforce:
  • Five leadership skills that will ignite the fire of passion in your employees:

1. People skills that build trust, solve people problems, facilitate change and satisfy needs.

2. Coaching and Counseling skills.

3. Making everyone feel like an "insider".

4. How to get employees aligned with your mission and vision.

5. Building High Performance Teams

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