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DiSC Coaching

DiSC Classic and Everything DiSC Reports are individual assessment tools for gaining powerful insights into unique behavior preferences. Coaching is customized and can include:

  • Q & A regarding the report itself
  • Discovery of personal strengths and challenges
  • Utilizing the DISC Coaching process to reach professional / personal goals

The cost of the assessment of your choice is the price(s) reflected below. (Select your choice of DiSC Classic or one of the newest EVERYTHING DiSC).

We believe that you are well worth 20 minutes with a professional coach examining your personal DiSC Results. We believe that a few minutes invested in you, or your employees, will bring about the beginning of a whole new dimension of understanding, cooperation, and collaboration.  It's a no-brainer.  If you believe that 20 minutes is a worthwhile discovery process, give us a shout.

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