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DiSC Classic

DiSC Classic says it all, and well describes this long time favorite of facilitators, trainers and coaches.

It's Classic in that it has remained on the working scene, while other assessments have come and gone. It's a Classic in that it helps you find and interpret your Classical Profile Behavior Pattern. The Classical Profile Patterns, 15 in all, are those profile forms that occur most frequently in the population. Each represents a significantly different behavioral style. DiSC Classic is also Classic in that it's simply effective, requiring little introduction and brief explanation as to application. Individuals can put this DiSC Profile to work in improving their work environment (and your bottom line), immediately. How Classic is that?

Workplace Productivity

Why does DiSC® Classic remain the most trusted, favorite training assessment of many training genres after decades of on-the-ground, corporate application? Answer: It simply works.

DiSC Classic, (formerly DiSC 2800 Series) is used worldwide in dozens of training and coaching applications, including organizational, and leadership development. Added or used as a supplement with existing training programs, DiSC Classic can help improve communication, ease frustration and conflict, develop effective managers and teams, and more. DiSC Classic is available on paper or online via the EPIC platform — it's your choice! You choose the response format (electronic or paper) and report that best fit your organization.


Volume Pricing
750–999 $21.00
500–749 $22.00
250–499 $23.00
1–249 $24.00