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DiSC® Buttons

Wear your DiSC style proudly with a D, i, S, or C button.

You know your D is too high when you...Feel the urge to GET OUT OF THE CAR and DIRECT 5:00 o'clock traffic!

You know your I is too high when you...Leave a message on an answering machine and it takes four call backs to complete.

You know your S is too high when you...Listen for 30 minutes to a sales person selling snow removal equipment - and you live in Florida

You know your C is too high when you...Are so diplomatic in firing a person that they thank you! 


Each of these 1 1/4" round DiSC buttons are sold in sets of 10. Green "D" buttons (Item no. P-150) Red "i" buttons (Item no. P-151), Blue "S" buttons (Item no. P-152), and Yellow "C" buttons (Item no. P-153) are all available.  Use these colorful buttons to enhance learning, retention, and quick application of DiSC® behavioral concepts. Used in a fun way, used in a serious way, DiSC buttons are a great way to reinforce DiSC training. (Sold in sets of 10)

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