8 Dimensions of Leadership - Latest DiSC Tool and book on DiSC Leaderhip by Jeff Sugerman

8 Dimensions of Leadership

To be an effective leader you must be aware of your strengths. You also need a broad perspective on all the behaviors needed to be an effective leader. Learn about both and more with The 8 Dimensions of Leadership.
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The 8 Dimensions of Leadership is meant to provide a highly personalized leadership development experience.

Part 1 helps you get the most out for the book, by providing important background information on DiSC, describing the 8 Dimensions of Leadership, and explaining the value of this multi-dimensional model. In essence, you'll get the big picture of how this model can help you bypass some of the trial and error often involved in leadership growth. You'll discover your primary leadership dimension through an online assessment or an alternative method outlined in Chapter 2.

While the book provides a central premise - that all leaders need to possess the capacity to stretch beyond their primary leadership dimensions - the experience will be as unique as you are. Specific steps are provided to help you put this Leadership Model into action. Your experience will also be shaped by your leadership style, your current role, the culture of your organization, and your personal goals.

The latest in leadership development from the makers of DiSC. Widely used for the individual personal journey, for in-house training, facilitators and teachers.

Authors:  Jeff Sugarman, Mark Scullard, and Emma Wilhelm