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Leadership Update

Leadership Updates are designed to offer emotionally intelligent insights and information that more and more corporations are applying successfully with resulting increased profitabilty, in today's workplace.


People Problems

By Keith Ayers
Playing the blame game, imposing fear and threatening people, means the loss of golden opportunities: the chance to know employee strength's and weaknesses; to find what it is not working in some of the daily processes; to correct it and to move forward, only better and with a stronger sense of trust.

What Are Your "Team Talents"?

By Keith Ayers
 Who on your team are the "possibilities" thinkers? Are you tapping into that wellspring of strength? If so, you are likely reaping the benefits in your company. If not - why? Do you know who has the "talent for possibilities"?

Job Descriptions Can Be a Trap

By Keith Ayers
Take responsibility for increasing employee performance by better capitalizing on the strengths of all team members. 

Trustworthiness and Trust

By Keith Ayers
What is the difference between Trustworthiness and Building Trust?

The Man in The Arena

Quote: by Theodore Roosevelt
Leadership vs. Fear of Failure