Learning Unlimited Team 2013, Mike Todd, Mary Bulter, Jesus Arteaga, Bart Brabham, Sarah Garrison, Patty CodyDISCUNLIMITED.COM is a division of Learning Unlimited Corporation, an organizational training and development consulting group that uses experiential learning in most client processes.

For 20 years Learning Unlimited has created dynamic learning environments that encourage behavior change.  In the early years Learning Unlimited delivered highly experiential events that focused primarily on teambuilding.  We grew to understand that although such events do provide the opportunity for greatly increased awareness, the key to long-term behavior change is in what happens after the event.  We began to engage clients as process consultants for, real behavior change is a process, and not a one and done event.


Learning Unlimited began developing the idea of  "DISCUNLIMITED" in early 2004.  We knew that we had a top quality DiSC assessment product that we believed in, used in our own training and development processes, AND, that customer service was job one.   We knew that there were others out there - Corporations, Human Resources, Individual Trainers, Teachers, building training curriculum, effecting a difference in the workplace, and searching for quality training tools.

"How to bring the two together?

DiscUnlimited.com was the answer, and loyal customers have been contributing to make it better still.  Some of the greatest ideas come from others who also use DiSC, and take the time to tell us.

Learning Unlimited Corporaton, and  DiscUnlimited.com, share the core value of the importance of building healthy workplace relationships. "Trust-based relationships are the key to success in every area of life.  DiSC® Instruments are robust vehicles for understanding and appreciating others.  As consultants, we have experienced the deep satisfaction of supporting client’s success.  People want and need to improve relationships.  We’ve seen exciting growth in diverse populations.  Executive teams; work crews; educators; students; families; middle-management; frontline workers – building healthy relationships makes life and work better!", says Mary Butler, Co-Founder and Vice President of Learning Unlimited Corporation.